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SJB is a group of family run wine growing and producing Houses and Estates located in the major terroirs in France, all sharing the same high quality standards, to produce these top of the range wines and spirits.

SJB fédère des Maisons et Domaines familiaux viti-vinicoles situés dans les grands terroirs français et partageant la même exigence de qualité, pour produire ces vins et spiritueux haut de gamme.

The family origins

In the hands of the same families for almost two centuries, SJB remains faithful to the fundamental values of a high quality group of wine producers: long term management, quality terroirs, financial independence and international development. The most important values however are still an independent spirit, which frees our Houses from the pressures of short term management, and the integrity that we seek to maintain even if this requires considerable effort.


The Group’s family-based management implements a long term strategy that remains true to each House’s individual identity while seeking to uphold the brands on the main world markets. The shareholding families are the main ambassadors of our brands, and the Management shares with them their concern for excellence, the Houses’ spirit of conquest and the leading positions of each different brand on their world markets.

The family spirit, Houses of exception

All the Houses in the SJB group share this family spirit forged over the years and manifested by the various heads of each House, the most legendary of whom was Madame Jacques Bollinger (Aunt Lily). Our Houses of exception are built up on brands that are authentic, warm and sincere and which express their own individual identity, and yet which share four common values: high quality terroirs, the search for excellence, long term vision and international promotion for all our brands.

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