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SJB is a group of family run wine growing and producing Houses and Estates located in the major terroirs in France, all sharing the same high quality standards, to produce these top of the range wines and spirits.

SJB fédère des Maisons et Domaines familiaux viti-vinicoles situés dans les grands terroirs français et partageant la même exigence de qualité, pour produire ces vins et spiritueux haut de gamme.

A high quality wine-producing heritage

Over 275 hectares of exceptional vineyards, including 160 hectares in Champagne, 43 hectares in Burgundy, 71 hectares in the Loire, 11 of which are in Sancerre.

Long-established Houses
  • 1750 : the group’s oldest House, Chanson Père et Fils was founded in Burgundy
  • 1759 : Cognac Delamain founded
  • 1829 : Champagne Bollinger founded
  • 1860 : Champagne Ayala founded
  • 1858 : Mentzendorff founded
  • 1885 : Langlois-Chateau founded in the Loire Valley
  • 1997 : Vershaves & Cie founded, later to become Bollinger Diffusion
SJB - Jacques Bollinger Company

employs a total of over 260 skilled professionals in its Houses.

The SJB brands

are distributed in over 91 countries in the world (export sales account for over 85% of consignments).

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