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SJB is a group of family run wine growing and producing Houses and Estates located in the major terroirs in France, all sharing the same high quality standards, to produce these top of the range wines and spirits.

SJB fédère des Maisons et Domaines familiaux viti-vinicoles situés dans les grands terroirs français et partageant la même exigence de qualité, pour produire ces vins et spiritueux haut de gamme.

The production of fine wines and eaux de vie

requires very exacting standards which the Bollinger family has continued to meet since Champagne Bollinger was founded in 1829. The same standards have been applied to the other Houses and brands since they became part of the group: long-term management of the principle assets (stocks, vineyards and brands), eco-friendly methods, financial independence and international development.

Since 1829, the family has presided over the management of their heritage and the development of the Houses. The family members ÔÇô Jean-Marc COURAU et Etienne BIZOT ÔÇô currently running the group continue the work of their predecessors and contribute to the development of the Houses and brands by seeking out the best possible synergies, without sacrificing their own unique identity.

The Vineyards

Because the SJB Houses are deeply rooted in their appellations, their vineyards are of high quality and significance. With over 275 hectares in Champagne, Burgundy and the Loire, over 80% of these vineyards in the Champagne region and all of those in Burgundy are among the Premier and Grand Crus.

In search of Excellence

Excellence here is understood as the search for maximum expression of the terroirs in wines produced by the SJB Houses. Hugh Johnson sums up here what he understands by a vin de terroir: ├ö├ç┬úTerroir, of course, means much more than what goes on beneath the surface. Properly understood, it means the whole ecology of a vineyard: every aspect of its surroundings from bedrock to late frosts and autumn mists, not excluding the way a vineyard is tended, nor even the soul of the vigneron.├ö├ç├ÿ The search for this alchemy between soil and climate, between the wine grower and the oenologist guides the major decisions of the technical teams in our Houses, as proven by the recent HVE (High Environmental Value) accreditation awarded to the Champagne Bollinger vineyard.

Promoting the Houses and Brands on the international market

Europeans are no longer the only connoisseurs of fine wines and eaux de vie. Consumers from Europe, the USA or even in emerging countries are looking for authentic fine wines and eaux de vie that are rooted in their terroir bearing a recognised name or brand. SJB’s vocation is to promote the production of its well-known brands, by distributing them and by educating consumers, in all these markets.

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