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SJB is a group of family run wine growing and producing Houses and Estates located in the major terroirs in France, all sharing the same high quality standards, to produce these top of the range wines and spirits.

SJB fédère des Maisons et Domaines familiaux viti-vinicoles situés dans les grands terroirs français et partageant la même exigence de qualité, pour produire ces vins et spiritueux haut de gamme.

Wine growers, oenologists, cellar masters, full time and seasonal workers

in the wine industry all use the age-old methods to prepare the land, prune the vines, harvest the grapes and turn them into wine. They innovate and create. They all take great pride in producing France’s finest wines using responsible cultivation methods.

The sales teams

are specialists and offer advice to wine merchants and restaurant owners, buyers and distributors of this very French luxury known throughout the world.

They all strive constantly for excellence in order to be the best in their field.

They are the professionals, those who nurture the land, who have inherited the ancestral methods and who create the tastes of the future. They have elected to remain family businesses which value the workings of time. They are the dedicated professionals working with the five SJB families.

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